Happy New Year 2024!

I haven’t written a single post on my blog in a long while. It’s time to change things, so here is a quick starter, at the beginning of this New Year 2024.

First of all, I barely touched my digital devices on January 1st, which was mostly dedicated to spending time with my family. That was a good start!

Today, January 2nd, I spent some time on my computer working, preparing a new color LED lamp setup for my daughter Alice using the WLED firmware, and finally have changed a few things on the WordPress plugins setup to prepare for my future activities on this blog.

What will I be writing on my blog moving forward? I plan on using my blog as a way to collect all the thoughts, ideas and activities which are worth sharing in public, in order to being more active as a writer, as a creator of my own content.

One topic which I plan to cover in great detail is how the ideas coming from the famous coach Dan Sullivan have been shaping my actions over the last few years, and how they have allowed me to greatly improve my prospects for my future life.

Happy New Year 2024 everyone!