2021-01-02 – Today I am grateful to my wife Laura Granata

Laura and I met in April 2012, and we started to date in May 2012. Together we have been romantic lovers, partners, parents, fiancées, married… and the best is yet to come!

Whether one believes in the horoscope or not, one funny fact is that both Laura and I are Leo. Laura’s sister and her partner are both Aquarius, and Laura’s parents are both Virgo. Funny coincidences, huh?

Laura is Italian like me, was born in Italy like me, yet unlike me she never lived there except for short periods of time, mostly during summer vacation. Lucky her! Where could I possibly find an Italian woman who had more international experience than me? Switzerland, of course!

Yet there is some Italy in how we met, as we happened to be sitting in front of one another at a pizza party on Friday April 13th 2012, held at an Italian restaurant in Ouchy, near Lausanne. And she surprised me as she liked beer better than wine, like I do!

I could ramble on and on about Laura, about her amazing qualities and strengths, and about how we sometimes argue for the stupidest reasons, like we just did a couple of hours ago. After all we are both proud Leos, and that causes friction, sometimes…

But one thing is for sure. She is my girl, and I am her “bel omm“.

And I am extremely grateful to have had her in my life for 8 years. And counting.

I love you leonessa!

P.S. The picture above was taken the very first time we played minigolf together in Lausanne, in July 2012. This has become a family tradition, and every summer we go and play minigolf together while drinking beer. And we have been doing that together with our daughter Alice for 5 years, now!

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