2021-01-01 – Today I am grateful to myself

As a rugged individualist, I couldn’t start my 365 days gratefulness journey without focusing on myself, Luca Bertagnolio.

I have been around on this planet for almost 52 years and a half, and it’s always been a very unconventional existence, and I am both happy and proud for this, though sometimes this has proven difficult to bear, both for myself and people around me.

Why being grateful to oneself, in the first place?

In my case, it’s because I had never considered gratefulness as an important aspect of our lives as human beings part of this amazing modern society. And yet, at some point in time, my life started to change because I started to embrace gratefulness.

Gratefulness entered into my life by storm in 2020, one of the many great things that 2020 brought me, thru the work of Bob Proctor, something which was suggested to me by my personal coach Dina Pataki.

Bob Proctor is a very interesting character, who is still very energetic at 87 years young, and has lived a life of continuous improvement of his own life thru improving the lives of others. He will be definitely the subject of another post in my gratitude series.

Bob Proctor uses his “stick man“ drawing to show how we are all made of both a conscious and an unconscious mind, working together with our body to make up who we are.

In his seminars he mentions gratitude, or gratefulness, as a key component to have within ourselves, and he shows the whole video “A Grateful Day with Brother David Steindl-Rast“ which I already mentioned in the intro post to this series. Here is that video, because it’s always nice to watch it one more time…

It’s thru learning about gratefulness that I have started to address the deeper issues that I had been carrying around within myself for the past 52 years.

And it’s thanks to gratefulness that I am now addressing them, also by writing about people to whom I am grateful for.

Thank you Luca for allowing gratitude to play an important role in your life.

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