Alex Epstein talks about his book

I consider Alex Epstein as a great influencer, at least he is for me, but I am quite sure that many more think the same way, and in fact I am meeting more and more people who share the same positive and constructive point of view held by Epstein.

As you might know, Alex Epstein is the author of the book “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” which was released in November 2014. This book is a must read in my opinion, as it will change your views on fossil fuels, if you are one willing to listen to a voice very different than what the vast majority people is saying.

Hey, I’ve been there with nuclear already, so I very much know what it means being right, yet being a small minority!

This presentation is about 40 minutes long, and it includes some 15 minutes of Q&A. It begins with the great book video trailer, a small gem. This is all very much worth watching.

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