The ideas and works of @Saifedean Ammous

A few months ago I discovered Saifedean Ammous by way of Alex Epstein, a longtime hero of mine, as he has made me discover the philosophy of Objectivism thru his work on energy.

Alex discovered Saifedean thru the work he has done on Bitcoin and economics, two domains he has lots of knowledge on, so much so that he has written a best-seller book on the topic, “The Bitcoin Standard“, which I highly recommend reading.

Saifedean has been running seminars with his followers for a while, and many of them have been turned into podcasts, which can be found on his website.

As I have not been writing on this blog much at all this year, I will make a point to write some considerations on the ideas of Saifedean Ammous in relation to what he said in his seminars.

I will start later today by analyzing some of the things Saifedean said in his first episode of his podcast, titled “Monarchy and Democracy“.

It’s always a pleasure to discover new ideas and to be challenged by them, and maybe change my mind about some things.